CS 547 Digital Image Processing and Web Programming
Course Syllabus
Professor Lynne O'Hanlon


Course Overview
This is a first course in the study of digital imaging systems. The course will cover the synthesis of computing systems and the types of imaging required by a diverse collection of disciplines. The course will investigate the digital imaging systems used in areas such as consumer graphics and the World Wide Web. Hardware and software will be discussed. Lectures will cover the digital imaging tools and their applications available in such software as Photoshop and Camera Raw and Bridge.  Lecture material will be reinforced by in class demonstrations and lab activities including graphics manipulation projects using digital imaging software. A comprehensive capstone project will complete the lab activities.


Student Learning Outcomes
At the end of the course, a student will be able to:

• Use a computer and graphics software packages to manipulate various image files for differing purposes
• Correctly determine the appropriate type of image file to be used in a given context
• Produce simple Web pages and other types of documents that include graphic content
• Discuss the differences and commonalities of imaging systems.

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment
Student Learning Outcomes will be assessed through completion of 11 student projects (each demonstrating specific skills learned throughout the semester), a midterm cumulative project, and a final overall project. Each project, midterm and final will demonstrate knowledge and skills in each of the assessed areas listed above.


Classroom in a Book, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Press, ISBN: 0-321-82733-3
Classroom in a Book, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Press, ISBN: 0-134-66345-4


Tests and Lab Assignments
1 Midterm Exam/Project 100 points
1 Final Exam/Project (Cumulative) 100 points
  Lab Assignments 25 points each.
Late Assignments will have points deducted for each late week.


Grade Scale:
            A (90‑100%), B (80‑89%), C (70‑79%), D (60‑69%), F (0‑59%)

All students enrolled in this course are expected to do their own work.
Cheating (and copying the work of others) will not be tolerated.   (See College Catalog and Schedule of Classes for College Policy on cheating.)

Attendance is required at Pierce College. Any student that has unexcused absences exceeding one week's worth of class time prior to the census date (Monday of the fourth week for semester-length classes) will be excluded. I will exclude students prior to the census date. After the census date, it is the STUDENT'S responsibility to drop the class. Students can drop the class at any time through the last day to drop (see schedule of classes for last date to drop a class) in the Admissions Office, on-line, or by phone.
Students should never rely on the instructor to exclude them.


Class: Lecture:  5:45 - 7:55 PM Mondays
Class: Lab
:  8:00 – 9:50 PM Mondays

Office Location: CS 1505
E-Mail Address:  (best way to contact me)

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